Donnerstag, 17. Juli 2014

A new start

Hallo Leute,

last year at the 26th of August I left Germany - my home country - and flew over the pond to Canada. I was starting an adventure and even though I knew that this time would change me a lot I never imagined it impact on me like that.
I kept a diary on blogspot and posted almost every day so that later I can look back and remember each and every day from that great time which ended on the 2nd of July when my hostparents brought me to the airport and I flew back.

It wasn't easy to adapt to a different culture, to find friends, to keep being motivated for school even though you don't do much there. And it was hard coming back home as well. Suddenly I had speak German again and especially in the first few days I caught myself a lot starting a sentence in English.

I discovered that I enjoyed blogging a lot while being in Canada and I thought that I want to continue it back home. For my blog right now I don't want to have a strict theme. If I feel like making an OOTD then I will do it, if I feel like doing a book review because it was amazing then I will do it and even if I feel like I want to make a small post about politics or just other topics that I feel are important then I will post about it.

I am looking forward to having this blog and I am really pumped for it!
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