Sonntag, 28. September 2014

A sunny morning

Hallo Leute,
since school has started I am  a bit more busy than before. Homework, vocabulary, etc, everything takes time, especially when done decent (and that's what I am trying to do right now ;D).
Today was Sunday, so I woke up at 10am or so and because I hardly ever use my blinds I could already see the beautiful sun shining into my bedroom and I couldn't resist but to grab my camera, open my door and snap some pictures.
Right next to our house begins the forest so the light looks really beautiful when falling thorught the leaves.

I hope you all had a great weekend.
Tschüss :)
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Dienstag, 16. September 2014

Romeo and Juliet

Hallo Leute,

recently I was watching the new Romeo and Juliet movie, starring Douglas Booth as Romeo and Hailee Steinfeld as Juliet.
I never really agreed with this story being called the greatest love story ever written or something similar. That is because for me a great love story has to go over a longer period of time and I am not sure how long Romeo and Juliet were in love with each other but I guess it must be around three weeks or something like that. Marrying a person after knowing them for a day is already something I wouldn't be too sure about, but killing yourself after a few more weeks because you cannot be with that person? In my eyes that is a rather drastic step.
Never the less I really did enjoy the movie, it was understandable, I loved the costumes and the cast was full of great actors! Another thing that I noticed while watching the movie is that Romeo and Juliet didn't really talk that much, every time they were together they were kissing or talking about that Romeo has to leave before someone sees him.

So I was looking for something challenging to read in English and because I liked the movie I thought that Romeo and Juliet would be a good choice. So obviously it is a bit hard for me to understand so I am reading it with sparknotes (No Fear Shakespear). I am not too far into the play yet (I have just finished Scence 4) but I noticed another things that is a real bummer for this story. So Juliet isn't 14 years old, and now in my eyes everything they are doing is so much more a form of teenage rebellion and teeange overreaction to things. Which doesn't mean that it makes it a bad story, I think that the focus shouldn't lay on the love part but on the fact that these teenagers killed themselves because they couldn't be with each other. It should lay on the fact that these are just some normal teenagers who are pushed into roles that they aren't ready for or just don't want to fill them up and at least Juliet really want to rebell against them.
Well, those are just a few thoughts and I know that this isn't a strict analysis and not in good order but they are just some ideas I had :)
Tschüss :)
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Sonntag, 14. September 2014

School has started

 Hallo Leute,

school started last Monday and I have to say I was looking forward to it. My last day of school was 11 weeks ago or so, in Germany summer break lasts 6 weeks so I am not used to having that much free time.
Back to school I remembered instantly the differences between Canada and Germany but it was alright. I had homework everyday, I had to get up an hour earlier than in Canada and I have more subjects. But right now I am still excited and motivated for school! My timetable is pretty good too, so I don't have much to complain about. Well, until the first test is coming around. But even now I have to learn vocabulary and I find it hard to manage my time (even though I think I manage it better than the last time I was in German school). Anyways, I wanted to present you my "desk" and show you how I made my notebooks.

So on the side that goes to the wall I put these things I bought at IKEA years ago. I also painted and labeled them back then. I am not a big fan of the green anymore (especially because the colour isn't applied perfectly but they look alright and help me stay organised).
The labelling isn't up-to-date anymore as well, some things aren't needed that much anymore and some things I just had to put somewhere else to keep it easier for me. But in general I really recommend something like that!

On one corner of my desk I put all my books I have for school which is about one for each subject. Last time I had them in the things from the first picture, but they were to many and didn't fit that well. But this way works great too, I just take the whole pile when I pack my bagpack for the next and go throught it to see what I need.
On top is my planner which I bought from amazon for I think 7,95€ and I love it. It has a whole page for each day and not like most planners where 1 week is on two pages and I also have space to write down when I have tests.

So in Canada Composition books are really popular. Even though I didn't use them there I wanted to use them in Germany but I was unable to find them or anything similar (which wasn't too expensive). So eventually I decided that I had to do it myself. I bought some cheap notebook with 16 pages or something like that. They aren't good quality when it comes to "staying alive" and I don't like the covers that you can buy here for them.
So a few days before I bought a new bed from ikea and of course it had cardboard inside the package so I took that. Then I cut the cardboard so that it would fit my notebook and then glued one cardboard one each notebook. When that was dry I cut away most of the last or first page of a notebook and glued the rest together as well. After that was sure that it would survive the time in my bagpack but now it looked rather ugly. So I bought some black ducttape and put it over the side of the book. Not only does it look better now it also gives it even more strength. And because I was already working I also covered the corners with duct tape to make them last longer. And in the end I took a black sharpie and wrote the name of the subject on it.

Okay, this post was really long but I love my new notebooks and I think they will last for a pretty long time. So tell me what you think about them if you want to 

Tschüss :)

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