Freitag, 31. Oktober 2014

Paris - Part 4 - Montmartre & Eiffel Tower at night

Hallo Leute,
on Saturday we went to Montmarte. There are artists and a very beautiful church. After having a snack and wandering around the busy streets we used our metro ticket to get up the hill to the church instead of walking.

Inside the church people aren't allowed to take photographs but a lot of people still did. I only took one photo because the light was too amazing to not do it, but it didn't turn out great. The church is called Sacré-Cœur and it really is worth a visit.

Eiffel Tower at night. Every full hour it sparkles!

That was my last post about Paris. If you have the chance to go there: GO THERE! There are so many beautiful sights and the metro (though it is really dirty and has mould in some stations) comes regularly. We didn't have to wait more than 5 minutes expect for Sunday but even then it was  7 minutes or so.

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Sonntag, 19. Oktober 2014

Paris - Part 3 - Bus tour

Hallo Leute,
we began our Saturday with a mandatory bus tour with the rest of the group. Our guide said that Paris is a city of architecutre (monuments, palaces, sculptures, bridges, etc.) and I can totally agree with that. I took so many pictures and I put too many into this blog post so I apologize right now. But wherever you looked you so many great things, so much detail but lots of my pictures turned out blurry because we were driving and sometimes there were shadows in the picture because of the bus window. 
Place de la Rèpublique
It says "A la gloire de la République Francaise
la ville de Paris 1883"

Colonne de Juillet - July Column
Wants to remember the Revolution in France in 1830 and the men
who died during the three glorious days 27-29 of July 1830

We went to one of the many palais in Paris. This one was owend by a minister or something similar.
Again I was fascinated by the details and the sculptures (these are autumn and winter)

Place des Vosges
one of the oldest planned green places in Paris. Today rich people live in the houses around the park
 (which also have been planned and look exactly the same)

Famous people such as Voltaire, Rousseau, Pierre and Marie Curie are burried there.
The building has great architecture because during the revolution windows were closed, etc.
 so you are able to see a bit of the history of France in the building

Arc de Triomphe

Obèlisque de Louxor - Luxor Obelisk
It was a present from Egypt to France in the 19th century

Paris has just soo amazing street lights! 


The bus tour was awesome! Our guide gave us lots of information but I think I managed to remember the important thing - in my opinion it is that Paris is a planned city and mostly built after the Middle Ages. So that's why it is so detailed. But in general I think it also manages to involve new things (for example the entrance tot he Louvre) and shows it history through architecture.
Tschüss :)
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Dienstag, 14. Oktober 2014

Paris - Part 2 - Rest of the first day

on Friday evening we met with the boys and used the metro to get to Place Clemenceau. There are Grand Palais and Petit Palais. I think both of them are museums today, but I am not sure and I also think that there are some other things in Grand Palais. Place Clemenceau is 2 minutes of walking away from them.

The Grand Palais and the petite Palais are near the Seine and the famous bridge: Pont Alexander III. You also have a great view to the Eiffel tower and I honestly have to say that I probably enjoyed that view the most because it wasn't crowded at all and there weren't any people trying to sell anything.

The last picture is Arc de Triomphe, one of the most famous sights in Paris. More pictures coming soon!
Tschüss :)
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Dienstag, 7. Oktober 2014

Paris - Part 1 - Notre Dame

Hallo Leute,
over the weekend I was in Paris with my school. Because I took so many pictures I decided to make two or three posts about it. So this is the first post where I went to Notre Dame with three other girls.
Bridge over the Seine to  Île de la Cité where Notre Dame is

Notre Dame - front view

Me - we couldn't get into the hotel until later so I was
walking around in jogging pants until the afternoon

Now some pictures of the inside :)

For some reason I thought it was super cute that one window was open

I think those things are fascinating. It is amazing how much work they put into that back then.

Notre Dame and the view you have from the top (over 420 stairs) is amazing. Same goes for the light inside the church which looks absolutely breathtaking with the huge stained glass windows.
Can't wait to show you more pictures :)
Tschüss :)
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