Montag, 20. Juli 2015

Project week - Waste of time?

Hey guys,

here in Germany almost every school has a project week - because those fancy and clever people in the ministry decided that one week of creative and non academic work is all that the next generation of workers need. As you can already see, I am not too impressed with it - or at least how it is handled.
I explained before that we don't have a lot of "fun" subjects in Germany and the subjects that we can choose in general are very limited. There are no subjects like cosmotology, wood working or whatever.
but then project week approaches, a week when the students are supposed to do something else, something that they are interested in, something fun and new. And then you look at the offers.

Maybee. Oh it costs 25€, yeah I'm not gonna choose that one ..
Whaat even is that??
Why would anyone do that?
This doesn't sound too bad... Oh not my grade... so no.

All in all, choosing a project is frustrating each and every year. I actually wanted to do something productive and I didn't just want to waste my time or sit somehwere waiting that the day is over. In the end I choose a sports project. Mainly because my friends chose it too and because I would do something good for myself. Because what would I get from painting little - already made - figures. Not much and it also wouldn't be personal.

Don't get me wrong - the idea of a project week is a good one. But the way its done is improvable.
1. Studens should be able to hand in ideas and if a teacher is interested in doing that he could. With this the projects would be different each year and ... more creative.

2. Students should sign up for a project they are actually interested in. Maybe there is a person who actually wants to ... idk draw stick figures all day long during project week. But even that person would get bored if all the people around him are bored and not interested at all.

3. Or just think about expanding the projects for more than a week and offer non academic subjects for students for a whole semester...

Tschüssi :)
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Sonntag, 22. März 2015

Still life photography

Hallo Leute,

so for art class we have an assignnment and it is called still life. However, we have to look closely at our environment and find stuff which already is arranged. The assignment actually motivated me a lot more to get to know my camera (I am only at the beginning of it for sure) and try out many things with it. Last Friday I went with my dad to his workshop and I had my camera with me because of another thing. However, I found some nice things there and tried my best to capture them. It was also my first time shooting in RAW.
I am not to sure about that. Still trying to figure out how to edit RAW photos in the best way possible :)

There acutally was another empty room behind my dad's garage and it was almost completely empty expect for a shelf and on this shelf were those bottles. It just screamed to be photographed and it actually looks arranged.

Now that I see it. I probably should have focuse more on one of the things inside the bag.
However, I guess you learn with time so I will hopefully do it better the next time : )
I wasn't able to take a lot of picutres because we actually needed the camera for something else but hopefully I can use one of those for my assignment because especially the second on doesn't look like something I would normally hand in. :D

Tschüss :)
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Sonntag, 15. März 2015

How are you?

Hallo Leute,

How are you? Today I wanted to talk about a topic that got especially important when I lived in Canada but is also important in Germany and really everywhere in the world.

When I used to live in Canada I used to go shopping a lot and every time I entered a store someone who workerd would come up to me and asked me how I was. I am sure that this is something eeryone has experienced who was shopping in North America. So every time I was asked that question I would automatically answer "I'm good" or something similiar. But I noticed pretty fast that it wasn't about how I felt. I am sure that the person who works there was not interested in my emotions and surely wouldn't really care if I was sad. The question was more a sign of politness but I felt very often that I didn't have a choice and I felt like I was lying sometimes because there doesn't exist another answer than a positive one.
So what I want is that the next time you ask someone how they feel. Actually ask because care about them or because you actually want to know it. Don't just say it like "Oh hello how are you?" You can just say something like "How are YOU? I hope you are feeling alright?" and it makes such a big difference for that person.

Tschüss :)
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Sonntag, 8. März 2015

Leistungskurse - Choosing main courses

Hallo Leute,

I soon have to choose my two main subjects for the next two (and also the last two) years of high school and it's driving me nuts!
I am sure that one of them (and I hope that it will the A-Course) will be English. If it will be my A-Course I will go England or Ireland for the class trip which would be awesome.
But my B-Course? I just don't know. My problem? It surely isn't that there aren't any other subjects that I am interested in taking but there are just too many. Anyway I narrowed it down to Art, History or Politcs and Economis. Just don't know about it and I don't want to get frustrated over it as well because I know that in a few years it probably doesn't matter that much.
I would love to take art but I just don't know if I am creative enough.
I would love to take history but I heard that they have sooo much to learn. On the other hand the teacher will be great.
I would love to take Politics and Economics but I just don't know what to do with it in the future.

This was a completely useless post ... exactly what I created this blog for! :)

Tschüss :)
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Montag, 16. Februar 2015

Getting healthier

Hallo Leute,
so i just decided that I wanted to a little bit more sport. I am not extremly uncomfortable with my body but I would like it to see it a bit more defined. So maybe I can find one or two other people who also would like to get healtier or stay healthy.
First of all I want to introduce you to my rules:

1. Sport - three times a week
I am doing sport on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. I have sport at school on Monday and I let that count. There we are currently doing badminton and later in the school year we will do gymnastics and volleyball. On Wednesdays and Saturdays I will either do a workout or go jogging. As it is pretty cold at the moment I am not going outside right now. For workouts I like to do the workout videos from Xhit daily which is a channel on Youtube.
I like sport and for me it is easier to do sport than to eat healthy.

2. Water
I usually drink lots of water so it is not that big of a deal but I decided that I wouldn't drink anything else anymore on a daily basis. This excludes milk though as I use it for my breakfast and I also like to drink milk after a workout.

3. No chocolate
This will be so hard for me. I want to eliminate all chocolate and most of other sweets aswell. I am an absolute addict and really have to motivate myself to not eat any chocolate or drink a hot chocolate or a candy bar or anything like this. I am trying to do this until my birthday in March so it is only a month but might extend it until easter (but I would eat chocolate on my birthday :D )

4. Cheat day
Once a week a cheat day. I think it will probably will be Saturday for a variety of reasons. I already did sport day so it feels like a little treat for me. I always use to watch a movie on Saturdays and I want to snack something then. But I might if I go somewhere, for example a birthday party or the cinema. However, even on a cheat day I won't eat chocolate.

5. No food from the cafeteria
The food in our cafeteria tastes pretty good for cafeteria food. But is also is really fat food so I will to avoid eating it and make some lunch at home. I can already see that this will fail because I will forget to make the food in the morning but I will try.

So those are my rules and I hope I will get a bit in shape. If you have any suggestions or feel the same way as I do I would to hear from you!

Tschüss :)
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Sonntag, 1. Februar 2015

Movie Review - Belle

The movie Belle is from 2013 and I wanted to talk with you about it because I thought it was a great movie. It was based on this painting:
The movie is about Belle. Her mother was black but her father was a white man and he took her to his uncle (Lord Chief Justice) where she grew up together with her cousin (the other girl in the picture). When they grow older Belle often isn't allowed to have dinner with her family when guests are around because that wouldn' be allowed. 
The movie tells the story of this woman and her cousin. Both are looking for husbands so it also has a really big romantic and of course dramatic side to it but it also is about politics. Especially a case in front of her uncles court about a ship with black slaves who were drowned and it is suspected that this was done because there was an illness and the slaves were more worth dead than alive.
That is also why I love the movie: Because it has the romantic side but then there is also the side about politics and I think they managed to put them into balance. Though it is not totally historically correct and most of it is ficton it is a wonderful story based on this picture where a black woman and a white woman are painted on an equal level. I thought the camera setting were nice as well as the lightning (but nothing special - just done very decently).

So just watch the trailer or tell me what you think about the movie (if you have watched it)

Tschüss :)
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Samstag, 24. Januar 2015

Our school system

Hallo Leute,

first of all I wanted to apologise for not wrtiting this month at all. I was busy with school starting again and hope that all of you had a great start into 2015.

This week I wanted to talk about a recent debate in Germany. A student tweeted about almost being 18 but having no clue about taxes, renting or insurance but that she is able to analyze a poem and that in four languages. Now I wanted to give you my opinion about this topic and would like to hear your opinions about it.

I have started elementary school in 2004 and entered the Gymnasium in 2008. After elementary school the children are put into three different types of schools: Hauptschule, Realschule and Gymnasium, based on their grades. The children with the better grades go to the Gymnasium. That's where I have been since 2008. Normally I would have graduated in 2016 but because of my exchange year I joined the lower grade once I was back and will now graduate in 2017.

In Canada I was able to choose courses such as woodworking, cooking or working on cars. Those subjects are unimagineable at my German school even though they give students real life skills. And what do we have in Germany? A subjects that has bugged me for a while is Religion. I have had religion since first or second grade and the topics repeat themselves every second year. I would suggest that they teach religion maybe until the sixth grade and afterwards offer a variety of subjects - such as cooking or a subject in which studens learn how to do taxes, how to rent etc.

On the other hand I think that in school it is important that we learn things like analyzing. I am a person who likes education and who likes to know a lot. School is one of the only places in my whole life where I am able to learn things that otherwise I wouldn't be interested in. In the future I don't think I would google how to write an analysis in Spanish - just because I probably wouldn't need it. But I will analyze in my mind for the rest of my life - that is an important skill to have.

After coming back from Canada I also see another big problem. In Canada computers were a part of every day school work. Most homeworks were printed out - I had to know how to use a computer. They had online courses and in math something called a flipped classroom. I watched the videos about the subject at home and then did the exercises at school. When I came back and saw teachers using overhead projectors again I thought it was really weird and old-fashioned. Germany should work on making our schools more modern - otherwise we will fall behind.

I hope you understood what I was saying and I would like to hear your opinions about that matter.

Tschüss :)
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