Samstag, 24. Januar 2015

Our school system

Hallo Leute,

first of all I wanted to apologise for not wrtiting this month at all. I was busy with school starting again and hope that all of you had a great start into 2015.

This week I wanted to talk about a recent debate in Germany. A student tweeted about almost being 18 but having no clue about taxes, renting or insurance but that she is able to analyze a poem and that in four languages. Now I wanted to give you my opinion about this topic and would like to hear your opinions about it.

I have started elementary school in 2004 and entered the Gymnasium in 2008. After elementary school the children are put into three different types of schools: Hauptschule, Realschule and Gymnasium, based on their grades. The children with the better grades go to the Gymnasium. That's where I have been since 2008. Normally I would have graduated in 2016 but because of my exchange year I joined the lower grade once I was back and will now graduate in 2017.

In Canada I was able to choose courses such as woodworking, cooking or working on cars. Those subjects are unimagineable at my German school even though they give students real life skills. And what do we have in Germany? A subjects that has bugged me for a while is Religion. I have had religion since first or second grade and the topics repeat themselves every second year. I would suggest that they teach religion maybe until the sixth grade and afterwards offer a variety of subjects - such as cooking or a subject in which studens learn how to do taxes, how to rent etc.

On the other hand I think that in school it is important that we learn things like analyzing. I am a person who likes education and who likes to know a lot. School is one of the only places in my whole life where I am able to learn things that otherwise I wouldn't be interested in. In the future I don't think I would google how to write an analysis in Spanish - just because I probably wouldn't need it. But I will analyze in my mind for the rest of my life - that is an important skill to have.

After coming back from Canada I also see another big problem. In Canada computers were a part of every day school work. Most homeworks were printed out - I had to know how to use a computer. They had online courses and in math something called a flipped classroom. I watched the videos about the subject at home and then did the exercises at school. When I came back and saw teachers using overhead projectors again I thought it was really weird and old-fashioned. Germany should work on making our schools more modern - otherwise we will fall behind.

I hope you understood what I was saying and I would like to hear your opinions about that matter.

Tschüss :)
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