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Movie Review - Belle

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The movie Belle is from 2013 and I wanted to talk with you about it because I thought it was a great movie. It was based on this painting:
The movie is about Belle. Her mother was black but her father was a white man and he took her to his uncle (Lord Chief Justice) where she grew up together with her cousin (the other girl in the picture). When they grow older Belle often isn't allowed to have dinner with her family when guests are around because that wouldn' be allowed. 
The movie tells the story of this woman and her cousin. Both are looking for husbands so it also has a really big romantic and of course dramatic side to it but it also is about politics. Especially a case in front of her uncles court about a ship with black slaves who were drowned and it is suspected that this was done because there was an illness and the slaves were more worth dead than alive.
That is also why I love the movie: Because it has the romantic side but then there is also the side about politics and I think they managed to put them into balance. Though it is not totally historically correct and most of it is ficton it is a wonderful story based on this picture where a black woman and a white woman are painted on an equal level. I thought the camera setting were nice as well as the lightning (but nothing special - just done very decently).

So just watch the trailer or tell me what you think about the movie (if you have watched it)

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