Sonntag, 8. März 2015

Leistungskurse - Choosing main courses

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Hallo Leute,

I soon have to choose my two main subjects for the next two (and also the last two) years of high school and it's driving me nuts!
I am sure that one of them (and I hope that it will the A-Course) will be English. If it will be my A-Course I will go England or Ireland for the class trip which would be awesome.
But my B-Course? I just don't know. My problem? It surely isn't that there aren't any other subjects that I am interested in taking but there are just too many. Anyway I narrowed it down to Art, History or Politcs and Economis. Just don't know about it and I don't want to get frustrated over it as well because I know that in a few years it probably doesn't matter that much.
I would love to take art but I just don't know if I am creative enough.
I would love to take history but I heard that they have sooo much to learn. On the other hand the teacher will be great.
I would love to take Politics and Economics but I just don't know what to do with it in the future.

This was a completely useless post ... exactly what I created this blog for! :)

Tschüss :)

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