Sonntag, 22. März 2015

Still life photography

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Hallo Leute,

so for art class we have an assignnment and it is called still life. However, we have to look closely at our environment and find stuff which already is arranged. The assignment actually motivated me a lot more to get to know my camera (I am only at the beginning of it for sure) and try out many things with it. Last Friday I went with my dad to his workshop and I had my camera with me because of another thing. However, I found some nice things there and tried my best to capture them. It was also my first time shooting in RAW.
I am not to sure about that. Still trying to figure out how to edit RAW photos in the best way possible :)

There acutally was another empty room behind my dad's garage and it was almost completely empty expect for a shelf and on this shelf were those bottles. It just screamed to be photographed and it actually looks arranged.

Now that I see it. I probably should have focuse more on one of the things inside the bag.
However, I guess you learn with time so I will hopefully do it better the next time : )
I wasn't able to take a lot of picutres because we actually needed the camera for something else but hopefully I can use one of those for my assignment because especially the second on doesn't look like something I would normally hand in. :D

Tschüss :)

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