Montag, 20. Juli 2015

Project week - Waste of time?

Hey guys,

here in Germany almost every school has a project week - because those fancy and clever people in the ministry decided that one week of creative and non academic work is all that the next generation of workers need. As you can already see, I am not too impressed with it - or at least how it is handled.
I explained before that we don't have a lot of "fun" subjects in Germany and the subjects that we can choose in general are very limited. There are no subjects like cosmotology, wood working or whatever.
but then project week approaches, a week when the students are supposed to do something else, something that they are interested in, something fun and new. And then you look at the offers.

Maybee. Oh it costs 25€, yeah I'm not gonna choose that one ..
Whaat even is that??
Why would anyone do that?
This doesn't sound too bad... Oh not my grade... so no.

All in all, choosing a project is frustrating each and every year. I actually wanted to do something productive and I didn't just want to waste my time or sit somehwere waiting that the day is over. In the end I choose a sports project. Mainly because my friends chose it too and because I would do something good for myself. Because what would I get from painting little - already made - figures. Not much and it also wouldn't be personal.

Don't get me wrong - the idea of a project week is a good one. But the way its done is improvable.
1. Studens should be able to hand in ideas and if a teacher is interested in doing that he could. With this the projects would be different each year and ... more creative.

2. Students should sign up for a project they are actually interested in. Maybe there is a person who actually wants to ... idk draw stick figures all day long during project week. But even that person would get bored if all the people around him are bored and not interested at all.

3. Or just think about expanding the projects for more than a week and offer non academic subjects for students for a whole semester...

Tschüssi :)
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